NHÀI LE is a premium ready-to-wear women’s clothing brand created in 2020. The young designer Nhài Lê Thị plans to unveil her first collection in Spring 2022.

Like a petal detaching itself during bloom, Nhài, whose name means “jasmine flower”, is leaving her home country of Vietnam to blossom in the European capital of Brussels.

Gifted with an inquiring mind and heightened sensitivity, her vocation for fashion became apparent from an early age through her talent for drawing and sewing. Authenticity, precision and attention to detail is in her blood. As a descendant of a line of artisans coming from the province of Lạng Sơn right up to the Vietnamese capital Hà Nội, this precious heritage naturally led her to further these skills. Her Asian origins combined with European culture encourage her to think creatively and cultivate her individuality with a serene outlook on the world.

NHÀI LE was born as a result of her travels, her encounters and her desire for novelty. Her strong sense of fashion creativity has continued to grow over time and today gives the brand its truly individual identity. NHÀI LE reveals its DNA through its colourful, bold and multicultural creations. The designs are intended to be feminine and elegant with a pop touch and attention to detail at the heart of the collections.


Reflecting the meeting of fire and water, the creations sparkle before exploding to reveal their astonishing shapes and colours.

NHÀI LE proposes three distinct lines to give each woman the freedom to find her specific look:

Easywear – A fresh, comfortable range both casual and stylish
Original – The heart of the collection, timeless, on trend and enhanced with an Asian touch
Premium – Couture capsule, chic and always original

The brand’s mix of Asian and Western influences transforms its individual style into a real strength. It stands out with its unusual choice of materials with silky high quality fabrics such as silk, cashmere, lace and innovative patterns.

NHÀI LE is aimed at women who assert themselves and live their lives without adhering to codes.

Shapes and motifs blend harmoniously, silhouettes are sophisticated, colours are emblematic, elegant and refreshing. This wardrobe enhances the female silhouette on every occasion, showing the figure off to its best advantage while also being comfortable. From the first light of day to the end of the night, the creations made by NHÀI LE are there to reveal your beauty at each moment.